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You are an innovator who feels stuck in the "what if's" and "Yes, but's"?

My first book "Mindfulness and innovation in integrated organizations" is about science and tools around mindfulness. It is a playbook for CEOs, leaders, game-changers, and HR that want to shape the future of work and sustainable innovation.

Learn to overcome the inner resistance against change.

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You want to consciously create a more mindful future for this planet?

In this book, 18 authors reflect on science around mindfulness, they give practical tools and guidance to integrate mindfulness in the workplace. You learn more about conscious leadership and mindful team management.

No matter, if you are a CEO, a leader, in HR and people development, or a medical doctor, teacher, professor:

This book is for you if you want to mindfully shape the future. 

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the journey to belong

A children's book about home

Join Popi, the little flower, on her journey to find a place where she belongs. Share her adventures with your children and notice how much we carry the sense of home in ourselves in every moment.

This book is for you if you want to create home in your heart.

Bring mindfulness Trainings to your firm


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founded by Dr. Martina and Tim Weifenbach

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