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Onlinekurse, Atemkurs, Achtsamkeit, Achtsamkeitskurs
Meditation, Meditationskurs, Achtsamkeitskurs, Yoga, Eisbaden im Allgäu

Wake up to your authentic life.

5-week Breathwork Course

Breath is LIFE. Experience transcendence through breath - all naturally and through your own power.

Breath is the remote control to the nervous system. Through conscious breathing you can learn how to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. This may help to stay calm in challenging situations. 

Breathing techniques in this course include 

- yogic breathing 

- activation of the diaphragm

- Wim Hof breathing 

- understanding the breathing anatomy

- and more

Let Martina guide you through the breathing practices that changed her life.

START: April 2024

Image by Max van den Oetelaar


Video course


Different breathing techniques


Online guidance


5 weeks 

practice in your own pace


+ Calm mind

+ Boost your meditation practice

+ Improved stress management

+ Better sleep

+ More empathy & creativity

+ More energy & fitness 

+ Boost of your immune- & nervous system

+ More optimism & well-being


99 EUR

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Breathe, live, wake up to your authentic life.

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