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Wim Hof, Wim Hof Method, Eisbaden, Personal Coaching

An invitation to lift your wings and fly.

Spiritual Coaching, Coachingreise, Karriereentwicklung

5-week Breathwork Course

Breath is the remote control to the nervous system. Through conscious breathing you can learn how to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. This may help to stay calm in challenging situations. 

Breathing techniques in this course include 

- yogic breathing 

- activation of the diaphragm

- Wim Hof breathing 

- understanding the breathing anatomy

- and more

Let Martina guide you through the breathing practices that changed her life.

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Image by Max van den Oetelaar

join the ride

Walking your path can feel lonely. People don’t understand. Friends choose another direction. 


Do you still dare to make your own decisions? Are you ready to stand up for your true purpose? 

The world needs your gift. I have your back and believe in your unlimited potential. In this journey, we will go deep together. Be amazed by the power of your gifts unfolding. 

Start: October 2024

Say YES to LIFT YOUR WINGS - your coaching journey now.

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Video course

Group coaching

2 personal coaching sessions with Martina




Yoga & Embodiment

Online guidance


8 weeks 

starts once a year


+ Define your inner compass

+ Further your career 

Define your values

Understand what motivates you

Make vulnerability a strength

+ Learn techniques for self-care and self-love

+ Express your needs clearly

+ Develop resilience and self-confidence

Find supportive companions 


1.299,00 EUR

Spread your wings

Start your coaching journey. Unlock your power.

Lift your Wings-Coaching Journey will be offered  only once in 2024.

Make life possible
Personal Coaching

Are you carrying old trauma with you? 

Are you stuck in repeating patterns in your life? 

Do you want to move across the threshold to live full of energy and power?

Healing is possible when you allow it to happen. Once you make the conscious decision to open up for the beauty of the life to unfold, life itself becomes possible.

Martina's coaching is a blend of spiritual healing, breathwork, and the activation of your inner wisdom. 

Only 10 spots available in 2024.

Booking open now for 


coaching with


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