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Living awake empowers.

Are you ready to wake up?

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Breath Work, Atemtechniken, Workshops

Often, we set our goals but seem to be unable to reach them. The question is: What holds you back? 

Do you want to cross that threshold? Do you aspire to embrace your full power? 

Choose your BREATH

work course online to rediscover your inner light.


shining together

Yoga, cold exposure and breathing practices have made me whole. As entrepreneur, author, mum and wife I know how easy it is to loose yourself in the daily hustle. You may have many ideas, but arrive at a point where you do not really know yourself any more. Sounds familiar?

My mission is to share this sense of oneness with you. This is the starting point to immense growth and healing. All my workshops, online courses, and coaching sessions are designed to guide you towards a life of awakening, abundance and happiness. Discover your light and shine.


For when we shine together, our brilliance becomes even more luminous.

Erfolgsformel Achtsamkeit, Buch, New Work, Leadership
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Cold exposure can be a confrontation with the limits of your mind. Do you want to discover your limitless mind? Do you want to live healthy, happy, and full of energy?Are you ready to step into the strongest version of yourself?


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wim Hof workshop or retreat to embrace your true potential. 

Wim Hof, Wim Hof Instructor, Eisbaden

Lift your wings

and fly

Coaching, Personal Coaching, Fitness

Walking your path can feel lonely. People don’t understand. Friends choose another direction. 


Do you still dare to make your own decisions? Are you ready to stand up for your true purpose? 

The world needs your gift. I have your back and believe in your unlimited potential. 

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Martina's Wim Hof Workshop
has shown me how much I am capable of.

Steffi, Germany

Ready to Wake up with me?

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Enjoy your


ice bath

One day Workshop

10-15 participants

includes ice bath, breathwork, yoga & lunch

@Schloss Hopferau, Allgäu

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Learn breathing techniques

5-week Breathwork Course

Start anytime

includes video course, workbook and guided breathwork


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Live your



Personal Coaching

Only 1 course in 2024.

Includes breathwork, meditations, video course, workbook, group coaching +

1 personal coaching with Martina


Get inspired

Draw inspiration from the science around ancient wisdom. In her keynotes, Martina shares her personal path to awakening as well as the latest from science on mindfulness, breathwork, cold exposure and mindfulness in organizations. Every keynote is an invitation to learn and to equip your toolbox for growth.

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book out now

Tune in.

Podcast, Podcast myndway

In the myndway Podcast Martina talks to leaders, gamechangers and mindfulness evangelists from all around the world.

Your podcast for mindfulness, innovation and growth.


Dr. Martina Weifenbach

Pannierstr. 53
12047 Berlin, Germany


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